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Creative Butterfly

At one time, I wasn't sure I liked being called a creative butterfly. But I learned in my former life as a teacher that creativity is essential for everyone, and the possible ways to explore your creativity are endless. I hope you enjoy the art I make, and do get in touch if you are interested in purchasing something from my gallery.

I love the process of creativity - particularly painting in acrylic and mixed media,  most often in an abstract style; simple printmaking, writing prose and poetry, and making books. I flit about among these activities taking the greatest pleasure in doing, learning, and teaching  sometimes too.


One of the ways I work is to create complex gelli prints, combine them into a large image to emphasise colour, texture and pattern and then enhance the picture with paint and marks in other media.  I may stop at this point, or sometimes I crop the image to make triptychs, small framed pictures, or designs for greetings cards.


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